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Bible Study Webpage:~

This is my own basic bible study page and here also I have included my personal testimony of how the Lord changed the course of my very rebellious and out of control life nearly forty years ago.

Sonrise Woodcarving Studio Web Gallery:~

As part of my personal discipline and training program, Daddy God decided to make me a woodcarver about thirty years ago. He said, "It was good enough for my Boy, it'll be good enough for you." This is my online gallery of wood carving and woodworking.

MorningStar Ministries:~

MorningStar (Heritage International Ministries) is my home church and is a significant project of the Lord's present day purposes in the Earth. There is a lot to offer through its resources.

Reasons to Believe (Science and the Bible Think Tank):~

Reasons to Believe is the Science Think Tank that has been developed by Dr.Hugh Ross to work to formulate a biblically sound model of the Cosmos that is fully integrated with the data that modern science is discovering through its many tools.

Answers in Genesis is the Creationist institute defending the "Young Earth" interpretation of the Scriptures. I personally do not embrace this interpretation, but many believers do and I offer this URL to you to allow you to compare the arguments from both "camps" for yourself.

General Jerry Boykin: ~

One of our great military leaders and a wonderfully humble Christian, General Boykin is working to develop comprehensive strategies for the 21st century Kingdom Church as it faces into the challenges of the War that is now upon us.

Family Research Council: ~

The Family Research Council works to strengthen Christians and other concerned people against the "progressive" assault upon the foundations of "traditional" morality and societal infrastructure that are now threatening to hurl our culture into chaos.

The OAK Initiative:~

The OAK Initiative is a "boots on the ground" grassroots movement of concerned citizens who are working together to make their voice heard in the political and other public forums of the nation.

The Kingdom Business Association:~

The KBA is a growing national organization of small businesspersons and entrepreneurs who are working together to discover new and higher ground from which to demonstrate the principles and the message of the Kingdom of God through their businesses.


Wallbuilders is the ever expanding archive of historical documents and other information that is countering the deliberate efforts and the lies of the Revisionist Movement of the past hundred plus years to undermine and discredit the foundation upon which this nation is built and the intentions of its Founders and architects when they fought so long and hard to design America.

A second source of material about the original and true history of America with archives of the writings of our founders">The Elijah List

The Elijah List is a forum of contemporary prophetic insight concerning the immediate Mind of Christ and the purposes of God for this time.

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"all who were down on their luck came around—losers and vagrants and misfits of all sorts." 1 Samuel 22:2